Please see file below and give me quote if you can do it or not i just have to pass this subject i have last hopeAnd this is last one Reflective report: While the blog is built throughout the term, the reflective report is to be developed towards the end of the term, as it requires you to present a critical self-analysis and reflection of your learning as a result of experiencing Design Thinking activity within this unit. The self-analysis and reflection must consider your personal development, as well as the development of your knowledge of Design Thinking topics. As a conclusion, students
View complete question Please see file below and give me quote if you can do it or not i just have to pass this subject i have last hopeAnd this is last one Reflective report: While the blog is built throughout the term, the reflective report is to be developed towards the end of the term, as it requires you to present a critical self-analysis and reflection of your learning as a result of experiencing Design Thinking activity within this unit. The self-analysis and reflection must consider your personal development, as well as the development of your knowledge of Design Thinking topics. As a conclusion, students are to develop an action plan of key events and activities that they can undertake over the next 6 months to acquire any knowledge, skills and behaviours identified as requiring development. The reflective report should be submitted as a Word document with a length of 2,500 words (+/- 10%), excluding preliminaries, tables, figures and references. Your reflective report must make reference to appropriate academic literature and theory in a critical way. Moreover, the report MUST explicitly reference appropriate evidence in your blog using a clear cross-reference system. The reflective report must make use of at least 10 high-quality academic references (APA style). Interviewing Monday, 30 September 2019, 9:40 AM by Vikas . From this activity I have learned that how I can communicate with other people to know their empathy through interviews. In the classroom activity, I pointed out some points from my fellow answers then I built my questions according to it. Similarly he also did that to me. This activity helps me to learn that how I can improve my academic ability and realize my own potential. Generally, its easier to assess someones temperament and social skills in an exceedingly face-to-face meeting. Following are the important points that were highlighted in this activity: Built confidence First of all this activity built my confidence level. Generally in my early life I got nervous during my job interviews. However, after attending numbers of interviews, I realized that I got more confidence than before. As experience builds up, I managed to develop skills to tackle a variety of interviews. Provide opportunity From my concern an interview gives an opportunity to employer as well as the employee to present and communicate their views and ideas in the short span of time. Improve Social behavior Another advantage of taking or giving interviews is that I can build up my good social behavior. Through meetings and communication with different kind of people I would be able enhanced my skills.. Permalink Edit Delete Add your comment Attachments: journey mapping.jpeg Journey mapping Saturday, 28 September 2019, 9:38 PM by Vikas . For a person like me, who has lived all his life in a middle-class family, It would be a dream and scary part to studying another country. But, after visiting so many consultancies I just prepared my mind to do Ilets classes where I learned so many things. After all this, I was rush to choose the best and top university for my further studies and at last, I have chosen Queensland University and that was a great experience for me and like a fairy tale come true. During this journey mapping in tutorial, I learned so many things and Ive found the personal experience that was very helpful and I found support, empathy, and understanding from those experiences. So being a college student they were the most beneficial experiences. By studying in Australia, I have the opportunity to know the allure and culture of new land. I learned to take risks. Because Study abroad itself a risk to me likegoing off somewhere new and confusing, living with individuals you dont recognize, typically during a language you dont speak. Now when a new confusion or frustration comes, my first response is to sit back and observe a bit. Rather than immediate decision. At last, From my personal experiences, I would say success don't come in comfort zones. Permalink Edit Delete Add your comment Ethics Tuesday, 17 September 2019, 9:22 AM by Vikas . My experience with this Business Ethics activity has been a very interesting one. From the start to finish I believe that ethics play a huge and important role in business environment and our everyday life. Therefore idea of ethics is incredibly essential for the development of any operational. Like use in decision-making procedures right from the time of achievement of workers, and objectives, shaping the goals of the organization, coming up with the acceptable structure, developing the structure ways, and integration of the ways within the business operations. Also, I was able to learn from the module the many theories behind Business Ethics. I realize it is important to know these because it would aid in understanding and conducting ethical practices. For example, knowledge on Business Ethics would enable organizations to incorporate ethical theories in making decisions, thus enabling the organization to practice ethics in their business practices. In my opinion, business ethics would be of great benefit because the approaches would facilitate discovery of the meaning, relevance and application of various types of information related to a given phenomenon. Through its series of learning steps, I would be able to interlink information generated, and hence make reflective conclusions based on the acquired information. Permalink Edit Delete Add your comment Value Chain Tuesday, 10 September 2019, 8:35 AM by Vikas . From the activity of value chain, many thoughts were coming in my mind like how the Value chains of the brand are a valuable means of presenting a normalized view of the business. So by doing value chain activity for Virgin Australia I got to know that how work activities can be linked together to construct a new, high-quality process design. When working to transform a business, for each and any kind of business area or department and organization a value chain should be built. As a result, brand attract its target audience. The value chain management brings large number of benefits, including an enhanced flow of products, materials and, the seamless flow of information. According to my point of view following are the benefits 1.The Improved Flow of Materials and Products: In this activity, I got to know how Virgin Australia improved their flow of products and services through the accurate prognosis of sales and demand. So the customer gets the best services. 2. The Seamless Flow of Information: When value chain management successfully applied to any brand or organization, the difficulties to the flow of information can be remove. The quality of information is gauged and solutions which can be implement to fill information gaps. Permalink Edit Delete Add your comment Attachments: IMG_7494.jpg Brainstorming Tuesday, 3 September 2019, 9:05 AM by Vikas . Quantity or Fluency of Ideas During this activity, I observed how all the things we see can be associated with simple shapes and valuable ways of thinking. So I had to transform all the 30 circles in just three minutes into some recognizable things. Then I began to draw hockey balls inside the basket. It shows my flexibility of ideas with the given period. It was all about to generate my ideas with the help of brainstorming. Advantages of Uses These thirty circle activity is the given below: 1. Accurate information: This activity can help me to built right information about any brand to the customer and keep my visual marketing strategy consistent. Also, this activity helps me to think deeply to form a new design product for the benefit of organization. 2. Creative Mindset: It can help me to think disparately and creatively out of the box. So in this process, the main activity is to show the ideas and converting them into useful service of operation. These useful ideas are the result of creativity, which is the prerequisite for innovation. Brainstorming provides new ideas or innovations in any kind of organizations. Permalink Edit Delete Add your comment IDEO shopping cart Tuesday, 20 August 2019, 7:35 PM by Vikas . In week 2, After watching IDEO shopping cart project video. I visualize that in future If I would get an opportunity to be a team leader in any organization I can opt the deep drive approach to get the better Innovation ideas. By selecting this approach I would make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to present their ideas to achieve the better Innovative product. Different people have difference of opinion and this gives opportunity to value their ideas and equality. Fun activities are created to boost the people in any organization. Freedom should be given accordingly. Surprisingly, umbrella has hanged on the roof to protect the computers and apart from this Bicycle has hanged with the rope which saves the parking space. Work environment should be like freedom to do the things you are willing to do this which creates friendly environment which refresh them to generate the new ideas as a result we get the desired best product. video link Permalink Edit Delete Add your comment Attachments: persona.jpeg Persona Monday, 19 August 2019, 2:28 PM by Vikas . The activity on week four was related to persona. The first activity was related to observation which were presented a obvious problem situations in the pictures and the participants had to use the visualization tool to come with some design to solve the situation. Problems that were presented in the picture was related to littering and rubbish mis-management of the beach. The activity was conducted in a group and numerous solutions were purposed by the participants out of which most promising had to be selected. In generating solution, I became empathetic to the problems of people dwelling in the beach and came up with ideas that fits with the needs of these people. The second activity performed in week four was related to personas. Persona refers to the unique characters of an individual that are expressed in terms of his choices, behaviors, likes, dislikes, thoughts and feelings. Through the activity I was able explore my feelings and thoughts. The personas play a critical role in designing a product because in future if i would be part of some organization then I can draw an inspiration from the persona and design a product that is of value to them. The activity was very helpful to me in the manner of developing a canvas that maps the persona of different identity by asking to fill various answers related to that persona. Permalink Edit Delete Add your comment Attachments: reflection.jpeg Self Reflection Wednesday, 14 August 2019, 12:48 PM by Vikas . From week 3 activity I figure out many points that describe about my life by scaling the small things which could help me to explain more what I knew more about myself and also I got to know the factors that how I can develop my inter personal skills. It was the best way to write freely about my life experiences. So the main idea for this reflective activity was mainly to focus on my personal development and ideas. Now I am able to reflect my both success and failure with the help of this activity. That activity gave me the time to think deeply about my self, giving me the confidence to tackle matters with a calm approach. On Completion of this reflection activity, I would say for myself that I tried couple of things, I am not a good observer, I always like to try something new. As it always helps me to learn different methods to do a particular thing. And unexpected results always keeps me energized and curious. It helps to get sometimes the best alternative method to do a particular things. Permalink Edit Delete Add your comment Attachments: questionnaire activity.jpeg Observation and Planning Wednesday, 7 August 2019, 11:28 AM by Vikas . From this questionnaire activity in week 1, I have learned that things are not always the same as we thought in our mind. From this activity i realized that i am not a good observer, i just do the things which i have told to do without analyze the situations critically. As a result, things which are very easy to solve i make it very complex without thinking anything or without an alternative way of doing it. For example when i used to play cricket with my friends i never read the situation as a consequences i lost matches many times because I always played the way according to my nature of playing cricket. Now i realized that how i can bring this learning into my real life like if i could critical think the situation properly i could do better for my side. This activity enhanced my observing and thinking ability. Power of Observation: For me, an observation is a powerful tool for learning the raw core subject or basic commodities. Observing plays a vital role to understand and create problem solving ability of current situation in a given period of time. Planning: From this activity now i have learned how to plan the alternative ways of solving problems in a easy and fast manner. I think it would polish my thinking and observing skills throughout my study period and also in my future. Permalink Edit Delete Add your comment Attachments: design thinking 6.jpg design thinking 5.jpg design thinking 4.jpg design thinking 3.jpg design thinking 2.jpg design thinking 1.jpg Some stories of Innovation Thursday, 1 August 2019, 4:44 PM by Vikas . The weekly activity on workshop 2 was about the stories of success and failure of four concepts. The stories are truly captivating and helped me to understand the complexities of innovation. The story of Blackberry represented how the company went from a leading tech giant to a trivial company when they failed to understand the forces and dynamics of the market. Similarly, the unconventional approach of Steve Jobs to believe in his intuitions more than market research assuming that the customers dont know want they want unless they experience the product that they love to use but were unable to envision. Next, the story of coca cola to change the taste of coke without carrying out market research has highlighted the need of customer feedback before launching the product. Similarly, the importance of observation to come up with brilliant products such as Swiffer mop and the failure of Homers car suggests the importance of out of the box thinking and the track of time and reality. The approach of Apple and Swiffer were successful because thought out of the box while designing their product whereas the idea of Blackberry to focus the corporate market, the idea of coke to change the taste and the concept of Homer to developed a futuristic car were failed because they failed to understand the direction of the market, did not conducted proper market research and failed to tune the product specifications with the present day consumers. The take away from this activity for me was the failure story of coca cola because it has helped me to understand the need of market research, which is the primary factor for success and sustainability of the product. Permalink Edit Delete Add your comment Attachments: activity one design thinking.jpeg Activity 1 Wednesday, 31 July 2019, 6:30 PM by Vikas . Edited by Vikas ., Wednesday, 31 July 2019, 6:32 PM Every Picture Tells a Story The first thing that pop up in my mind with the exchange of paper activity, how we can share more new and creative ideas with each other. I also noticed that not everyone thinks or sees the same way and the picture have an advantage more than any sentence because it can guide a writer where he/she wants you to go. while i was doing that activity one time i was blank when i had to create images from words because it was too difficult for me. On the other hand it was too easy to describe picture in words because visualization is the process of visual representation of ideas and concepts. Visualization helps in putting the abstract concepts into pictures and images which helps in communicating ideas. The Power of Visuals Things A human brain can process images up to 60,000 times faster than words. A picture is more truly, Representative and colorful than a group of sentences. It is the combo pack of both into one like it can describe whole point and it is a good sketch better than a long sentence. So with the help of image we can write and capture thousands of details that would take so many hours to describe with words and collect rich phrases through the direct communicate the present situation. In general, we can remember visual things or objects more effectively than words. Designers are using visualization tools to reduce the level of abstraction in their ideas and communicate with the stakeholders. Visualization has been adopted as the standard step in all modern design thinking approaches. Furthermore, the activity related to visualization such as converting words and phrases into images and illustrations helps in envisioning the overall designing thinking process and identifying the bottlenecks and complexity of the design.

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