Family Background I was born in Miami, Florida in May 1990. I

Family Background
I was born in Miami, Florida in May 1990. I am the third of 4 siblings which includes 2 females and 2 males, and I am the only one who was born in the United States. My siblings were born in Nicaragua, Central America by my parents Orlando Morales and Claudia Acevedo. In 1983 my parents made the decision to emigrate to the United States because of the civil war that happened in Nicaragua between 1979 and 1990. In 1992 when I was only 2 years old, my parents made the decision to return to live in Nicaragua since the war was over and a new government was in the process of taking office and my parents decided to return to what they call their beloved homeland. I spent most of my time living in Nicaragua in Diriamba, Carazo. A very small town 2 hours from the capital. There, my family lived in a neighborhood where we lived very close to our family on my father’s side. Uncles, cousins and grandparents lived very close and I remember my childhood spending a lot of time together with them in family reunions or having fun with my cousins and neighbors. My father worked most of the time in different corporations in Nicaragua as a sales manager, administrative assistant and production quality manager. But he also had his own business selling meats and basic products. This did not go very well due to poor management of the business and he failed in being able to own his own business. Due to this failure my mother also started to look for a job because before she only took care of the household chores and took care of me and my siblings. My parents began to experience financial difficulties and after I finished high school in Nicaragua at the age of 16, I started working in a company owned by a family friend. In this way I planned to collect money and start paying for my university studies. A year after finishing high school, my father’s brother who has been living in Miami for a long time visited Nicaragua and offered my father that I could move to the United States with him so that I could have more educational and work opportunities and subsequently a better quality of life in the future. My parents accepted the offer and in November 2007 for the first time at the age of 16 I took a plane to Miami, FL leaving behind my family, friends, memories and a country that I will always consider my home. It was one of the experiences where I felt the most fear and the only thing, I always thought was that this decision was made for my own good and to be able to have and be what I am today. In 2010 already living in Miami and attending college I met again with my high school friend in Nicaragua. In 2015 I married her and we decided to move and start a life together.
My family and my wife have a lot of influence on the person I am today, the person I want to be and what I want to become professionally. The values, teachings and beliefs that my parents taught me and my siblings have helped me to be better every day and continue to strive for a better professional and family life and at the same time help them. My father is a very family oriented man and he taught me that no matter the situation or the moment, family is always loved, cared for, helped and kept together. Faith is something that has always been present in my family’s values. And that Catholic faith is what helped me through the difficult times when I moved to the United States for the first time and I was afraid to come to a new country and start from scratch. During my childhood I remember always seeing my mom and dad work hard and tirelessly to give me and my siblings a better life and to have a decent education during elementary and high school. That taught me to be a hard worker and to always give my best in whatever position I was in. The sacrifices my parents made helped me to value things more and to know that if you really want something, you have to work hard and determined to get it but always being honest and honest and helping other people whenever you can. Realizing the effort my father put into owning his own business and failed in the attempt is something that inspires me to also consider one day owning my own business and being my own boss and managing my own income. My dad and my uncle are two of the people I admire the most. They are hard workers who did a lot to provide to their family’s they did grow professionaly in the corporate world and they were able to successfully scale the business hierarchy ladder. In 2016 after living with my uncle in his house, I moved with my wife to live in our own house. Many people thought it was not a good idea, that we were young, that our relationship would not last and that we would end up moving back in with our parents after failing as a couple. That also pushed me to work hard, grow in my career development, get a better education to prove to myself that I can do a lot of things. My wife is a great support when I need motivation, emotional support or someone to help me move forward with my goal, get better as a person day by day and keep growing as a professional.
Educational Experience
My favorite class in high school was physical education, I always liked sports and exercising. I also liked Geography and History classes. Math was not my favorite and I always had trouble getting good grades in that class. My grades in discipline and behavior in school were not very good. I was very distracted in class, got bored very easily or got carried away by what my classmates were doing. Being a sports lover, I was always on the soccer team in trough different grades. I also participated in the high school band. I loved the discipline, consistency and perseverance that I learned in the 5 years I was part of the band. My elementary and middle and high school were always in the same school which made it very easy for me to maintain friendships during that time. In high school I had a year that didn’t go very well academically, and my parents decided to transfer me to another school in the city which affected me a lot emotionally for leaving my lifelong friends but it helped me and taught me to deal with changes and to motivate me to get better grades to return to the high school where I always went all my life. After one school year away from my favorite school, I returned and graduated with better grades from high school. That experience also made me be a better student.After high school I thought about studying international business in college. I equated that career with traveling a lot, and have the opportunity to work for multinational organizations, governmental agencies or international banks.  I loved the idea. My parents were not financially able to pay for my studies completely, so at the age of 16 I took my first job to pay for my studies. When I enrolled at the University in the International Business program, I did not have the best experience. the first semester that program was cancelled due to lack of registered students and they cancelled program. This was a big disappointment to me because I was very excited and it was my first time attending the University. The only solution that the management of the University gave me was to register another career at the same time the same day to avoid losing the registration fee, as if it was a matter of choosing what kind of shoe color you want to buy. The options were few and to avoid choosing a career that involved a lot of math,numbers or medicine. I chose a career in law. At first I liked it but then I found the classes to be very boring and not of my interest. After 2 semesters of taking that career, I had the opportunity to move to live with my uncle and his family place in Miami FL and I went to the United States. Once here the first step I took in my education was to start studying English. Since it is not my first language and in Nicaragua I did not put much effort in learning it in high school. I found it very difficult to learn and a bit boring. Which I regret because it could have saved me time and made me more productive when I was new to a country and school system at the same time.
The first educational institution I attended was Miami Dade Community College. Since the U.S. embassy validated my high school classes because I went to a high school with the prestige of a good education, I did not need to complete any high school degree even though I was 16 years old. After finishing my English course I wanted to take college classes to advance my associate’s degree in business administration but I was unable to start because I would be charged for the classes as a foreign student since i did not have a full year living in florida state, and it was too expensive to attend classes. I was excited to be in a country with one of the best educations in the world and for reasons beyond my control I could not attend college after finishing English. I dedicated myself to work and save money. I lost the illusion of working. I tried fafsa and being under 24 years old and not having my parents living in the US, I was denied fafsa at least 3 times. I became disillusioned again and continued working. I got to work 2 jobs because I didn’t have much interest in studying. My wife has been a great support in continuing my studies in college and in 2019 I finished my associateship at Miami Dade College to pursue my bachelor’s degree in business administration. I spent a year working and thinking about where I wanted to start pursuing my bachelor’s degree and decided on the University of Florida for many reasons. Reasons which include, best online bachelor’s degree from public universities in the United States. And being a fan of American football, I was already a fan of the Gators. I thought the worst thing that could happen was that I would be denied admission and in 2021 I sent my application to the University of Florida. In July of that same year I received some of the most exciting news of my life. I was accepted into the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in General Business program. Since the beginning of my first semester I have been very excited and motivated. I like the educational system and even though they are online classes. They give you the best tools to study on your own time. At the end of this program I would love to start the online MBA program to continue learning and improving professionally. I want to take the MBA for the same reason I always chose UF. For its prestige at a national and international level. For the flexibility to continue working and attending school at the same time. Being able to finish my undergraduate degree first means a lot to me. My parents did not go to college. But they always made a lot of personal sacrifices so that me and my siblings could attend school. I would be the second of 4 siblings to be able to obtain a college degree. In the 14 years that I have lived in the United States I have had 3 jobs in which I have been able to excel through personal effort and perseverance. But a college degree would open doors to better professional opportunities and a better standard of living. When my children are ready to attend college I want them to follow their daddy’s legacy and tend to UF. GO GATORS.
Work experience/ volunteer work/community service/ Leadership Development.
At the age of 16 I got my first job while still living in Nicaragua. I was the manager of a video game store owned by a family that knew my family. I still remember the mixed feelings when I received my first paycheck and the excitement I experienced. From my first job I noticed that I liked the position of managing a business. I was in charge of managing the business on my own. I served the customers, billed the customers, took care of the operations and finances of the place. I liked my first job and I always liked video games. I was already living in the United States and my first job was working in a Nicaraguan restaurant in Miami. I started as a bass boy and worked my way up to waiter and then assistant manager. The manager of the restaurant is a person that I also admired very much. He showed me what his position was all about and the spark of the manager position was rekindled. After 3 years of working most of my weekends, I decided to try a different industry. I decided to try a different industry than a restaurant. I started as a cashier at Costco Wholesales. The company where my uncle had worked for many years as a manager. He became Costco’s regional manager for the state of Florida. The time I lived with him I witnessed his work and his position and I was very attentive to him. I liked what he was doing. He presented me with the opportunity to work for Costco and I was there for 2 years. I got to the position of head of cashier and end front assistance. My curiosity called me to try another type of industry like better benefits and work schedules to start focusing on my studies and that’s when I tried my luck in the world of finance. Banking to be more exact. In 2011 I started my jorney of what is now 10 years working for the same company. I am the branch operations manager for one of the largest banks in the United States. I didn’t always have that title. I started from the initial position as. Teller. I liked the work environment in a bank and decided to continue to grow within the same company. I was ambitious and worked hard so that in my first 5 years with the company I was promoted to 4 different positions. For the last 5 years I have been in the most resent title. Although I know that because of my experience, hard work, persistence and motivation I have been able to grow professionally but I feel stagnant because I don’t have a university degree and many doors have been closed professionally and that is what I want to change. Also, again I have the restlessness to explore the world of America corporation and a different industry than a bank. That is one of the reasons I decided to go back to school, to be as prepared as possible. In my last job before covid19 I was given many opportunities to do volunteer work and go out and help the community in many different ways through the bank’s volunteer program and also through united way. From restoring hihschoool in the neediest neighborhoods. To replanting parks. One of my best experiences was helping to restore the Vizcaya Museum in Miami. Hurricane Irma had almost destroyed it and with my job I signed up to help and it was one of my best experiences I felt good about helping the city. Working full time and going to school full time makes it a little difficult for me to have the time to participate in community service but here in pincrest, Miami dade there are many programs which have caught my attention and in the summer I plan to sign up for more of them. My last two positions at the bank, service manager and Branch Operations Manager, have given me the opportunity to further my leadership development. The company has invested in my skills as a manager with different internal programs and training.This course will also help me in understanding various values that are necessary to enable good service to the clients at all positions that I may be working. The skill will ensure that I am suitable to work in different areas as I look forward to becoming a CEO in the future. The course will ensure that I am fit for every management position regardless of the organization that I may be working for. I would like to understand several issues as I finish the course to ensure I am prepared to handle all arising situations.
MBTI/Strong Interest Inventory Career Assessments.
Two years ago the bank I work for in one of the manager trainings made us take a similar test to determine what type of leader I am depending on my personality, values and attitude. I found the strong interest inventory and myers briggs type indicator very helpful and important. It helped me identify career options consistent with my interest. Although some of the positions recommended in the occupational scales surprised me as I had never thought about or been interested in any of them such as Auditor, optician, and law enforcement officer. One thing I can’t deny is that I agree with my basic interest scales. Athletics being number one. He was very accurate in saying that one of my areas of least interest is culinary arts. Yes I like food. I like to eat it but not cook it. One thing I agree with a lot is my Myers briggs personality type (ISFJ) the reason I say that is because I do consider myself a direct and receive energy person as it was described in the area of introversion. I look for motivation within myself and motivate and encourage myself on many occasions to keep going. The way I take information matches sensing. I focus on facts and I do believe a lot in the way people perceive things in different ways. When it comes to making decisions I do think about how other people feel and I like to take things in peace and quiet. I was just a little surprised at the way I was described as approaching the outside world, judging my preference according to the test. It has happened to me that I come to conclusions very quickly and many times it is not good. I would like to be more analytical. But I do agree that I like to plan things. In the strong interest inventory I found it very interesting as some of the interests, work activities, potential skills and values are already related to the position I am currently working with. My highest scores were Conventional(66) Enterprising(63) and realistic(62) of the things that already apply to my current title are: data management, business leadership, financesm attention to details ability to motivate and direct others and efficiency. I found it interesting that in 4th place is investigative( 59) which includes interest in mathematics and medicine as an area of interest. Last is Social( 53) and artistic(51) this last one also surprises me since I am not much of a museum goer or art person. But I do like music and I like to play the drums. Overall I found both studies very valuable and interesting and they helped me in many areas such as learning about my preferences for leadership, risk taking and team works, learning about specific occupations and career fields I might enjoy or that are a good fit for me, and exploring other occupations that I didn’t think would be of interest to me.
Current Life/ Cvarrer Goals.
I am very grateful to God, my family and my wife with my current life. I have a job, a place to live, food, and the love of my wife. I have the opportunity to attend one of the best universities in the country. Maybe it sounds very basic, but I always think that you have to be very thankful with life because there are other people who are in worse situations and maybe they are not happy. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to come to live in this country. At the beginning it was difficult for me, I missed my family and friends a lot. I thought about going back to Nicaragua. But I am glad that I was perseverant, and I was able to help my mom and dad when they were not well off financially in Nicaragua, Now my parents live in Miami since 2015. They have jobs and live here where they can have more opportunities to get ahead. My wife is a blessing to me. She has helped me to balance my life. She has helped me get ahead when I thought about giving up. She supports me emotionally and is my best friend and inspires me to keep fighting for a better job and to improve my education. I want to give her a better life financially and to be able to continue helping my parents. I also want my parents to be proud of me. I want them to be proud of me when I establish my own family and have my children. I want them to be proud of the parents they have and that through my job I can give them what I didn’t have as a child. That my efforts to obtain a good education will motivate them to grow professionally and that I can support them in their studies as my parents were not able to do financially. I feel that I still have a lot to explore in my career development. I am very motivated to continue with my studies to have more opportunity to further explore the world of corporate America but at the same time gain experience and skills to also start my own business and own my own business. I want to work for a nationally and internationally recognized company. I like to sound big and I would like to become a CEO of a company that helps people become better world citizens, that is interested in improving the environment and at the same time that I benefit as a professional and improve as a human being. I want to enjoy myself to the fullest and use my full potential to be a better worker and person and that in the future after my remaining 34 years as an active worker I can feel proud of my entire professional contribution to the world and think about how great of a career I had when I get to the end of my productive life.

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