Go to: https://geniventure.concord.org/#/home To navigate through the game to different missions, use

Go to: https://geniventure.concord.org/#/home
To navigate through the game to different missions, use the Venture Map (arrow is pointing to it in the picture):
Follow through the missions by reading the information on the bottom and clicking on the arrows.
After all of Mission 1 (Missions 1.1-1.2), answer these questions:
How many chromosomes does each dragon have? How do the chromosomes match up?
What is the difference in chromosomes between females and males in dragons? How is this similar to humans?
Which of these alleles are dominant? Which are recessive?
How did you decide which alleles were dominant or recessive?
After all of Mission 2 (missions 2.1-2.3), answer these questions:
Make a claim with evidence and reasoning to answer this question: Is the phenotype “horns” recessive?
Claim: What is your answer to this question?
Evidence: Provide evidence from several of the simulations to support your claim.
Reasoning: Explain why your evidence supports your claim. Be sure to make connections to the definition of dominant and recessive.
The traits of “armor” involves incomplete dominance. Explain how the armor of the dragon is different from the other traits of horns or wings.
After Mission 3.1, answer this question:
The trait of color of the dragons ia different from the traits you have explored so far. Explain how this trait is different from the other traits you have looked at so far in the simulation.
Complete Mission 3.2. If you are stuck on Mission 3.2.2, the helping proteins are what is broken. You will need to drag them to the right places to help change the color of the dragon. See my second video if you still need help.
After Mission 3.2, answer these questions:
Describe some of the different types of proteins you saw in this section (e.g., describe what the helping proteins do).
Describe how small changes in the DNA connects to different alleles, which results in different proteins and different traits.
You can now skip to Mission 4.1.
After Mission 4.1, answer the questions:
How did the simulation show the idea of Independent Assortment of Chromosomes? How did this allow the same parents dragons to have baby dragons with different traits?
Describe how you decided which gametes (sperm or egg) to use when breeding the dragon for Mission 4.1.8.
After Mission 4.2.1 and Mission 4.2.2 (you can stop here unless you want to go on!):
In these missions, you are able to see the traits of multiple offspring to gain a sense of the probability of inheriting different traits based on the parents’ alleles. A Punnett Square also allows you to make these predictions. Try out Punnett Squares for these dragons. We will use a W for the wings allele and w for the wingless allele.
A dragon without wings with genotype ww is bred with a dragon with wings with genotype WW. Make a Punnett Square and describe the probability of each genotype and phenotype (wings or wingless).
A dragon without wings is bred with a dragon with genotype Ww. Make a Punnett Square and describe the probability of each genotype and phenotype (wings or wingless).
In the simulation, I crossed two dragons with the genotype Ww and only 3 out of the 8 baby dragons in the clutch have wings. Why does this happen even though the Punnett Square predicts something different?
After you are finished, answer these questions:
How was this simulation similar and different to how genetics works in humans? Give two examples of similarities and two examples of differences.
Apply what you found to human genetics:
Create a Punnett Square for male (XY) and female (XX). What percent of the offspring will be male? ____ female? _______
Given the Punnett square above, how can it be that a family has 7 boys and no girls?
Hitcher’s thumb (the curving upward of the thumb) is dominant; straight thumb is recessive. Use a Punnett Square to determine the probability of having a child with a Hitcher’s thumb if both parents have one dominant allele and one recessive allele.
Hitcher’s thumb (the curving upward of the thumb) is dominant; straight thumb is recessive. The mother has a straight thumb and the father has a curved thumb. Their first child has a straight thumb. What is the genotype of the father? How do you know?
“Incomplete dominance” is different from “simple inheritance” in that the heterozygous condition results in a third trait that is mid-way between dominant and recessive. For chin shape, round chins are homozygous dominant (CC), pointed chins are homozygous recessive (cc), and square chins are heterozygous (Cc). If one parent has a round chin and one parent has a square chin, what will be the probability of the offspring having:
Round chins
Pointed chins
Square chins

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