ICA3 Group Project and Presentation Guide / BM4364 / Page 1 School

ICA3 Group Project and Presentation Guide / BM4364 / Page 1
School of Business Management
2021/22 Semester 2
ICA3: BM4364
Customer Experience Management and Design
Date of Issue: Monday, 29 November 2021 (via Blackboard)
Date of Submission: Tutorial during Week of 24 January 2022
Project Outline
This project constitutes 45% of the overall assessment for the module, BM4364 Customer Experience Management and Design.
The project requirements are designed to give you a first-hand experience of applying the knowledge attained for the topics, Components of customer experience management and design, Impact of customer behavior, Leadership and employee management, Designing the customer experience, Measuring customer experience success, and Managing customer feedback to evaluate the actual customer behavior and consumption process for bakery items. This project is being done in the form of a competition that is sponsored by Mdm Ling Bakery.
You will be assigned into a project group (each group comprising a maximum of 5 members) by your module tutor. Learners will submit on a group basis, a Customer Experience Playbook in word document format including all supporting appendices on your project work, analysis and findings. A group presentation with individual component will also be required for your group to present the highlights of your playbook to your tutor. The top 5 group finalists across all classes will present to Mdm Ling Bakery.
Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the report, the learners will be able to:
Conduct market research to understand the expectations of existing customers and potential target customers.
Apply the knowledge in a real commercial setting with the aim to gain a sense of reality on the consumption process and how an organisation can manage the customer experience to influence customers’ purchase behaviour and gain customer loyalty.
Demonstrate their understanding of concepts and theories taught in the module.
Present their Customer Experience Playbook through a group presentation and written report.
Work in groups effectively to ensure proper project management.
You will be assigned a specific customer segment to evaluate, which may be either Generation X (born between 1961 and 1979), Generation Y (born between 1980 and 1994), or Generation Z (those born between 1995 and 2001 only). The customer segment being evaluated should either be purchasing for their own consumption or giving as gifts.
You will be assigned to evaluate TWO (2) specific touchpoints, which may either be:
For the pre-purchase stage and/or post-purchase stage:
Mdm Ling Bakery phone number
“Contact Us” form from the website
Social media
For the purchase stage:
Mdm Ling Bakery website
Please DO NOT reveal your project intention or your association with Mdm Ling Bakery during your interactions via any touchpoint.
Your report will need to cover the following areas:
Executive Summary
Analysis of Mdm Ling Bakery Brand Values in relation to the customer experience
Persona Mapping
You are required to document ONE (1) persona profile for the customer segment you’ve been assigned. The persona profile includes:
Demographic information
Needs of consumers pertaining to the consumption of bakery items, including customer motivation, customer expectations, how they make their selection, etc.
Situational influences, including the customer’s antecedent state and online purchase environment
Social influences including culture, social environment (groups, word of mouth, social media)
Difference in consumer behaviour when purchasing bakery items vs other consumer goods
The information to be used in documenting the persona profile will be sourced from secondary research and primary research (via online surveys with a minimum of 30 respondents). Include your survey form and a tabulation of responses in the Appendix.
Create a full persona map and include it in your report appendix.
Touchpoint Evaluation
This section is independent of the findings of your persona profile.
You are required to design evaluation forms with at least FOUR (4) criteria to assess the customer experience in using EACH touchpoint assigned (i.e., Mdm Ling Bakery website, hotline, “Contact Us” form, social media platform). You are required to provide scoring guidelines for each of the criteria. Please submit your evaluation criteria, scoring guidelines, and completed evaluation forms in the Appendix.
For the purchase stage via the Mdm Ling Bakery website, you will need to evaluate ONE (1) page of the website and submit a completed evaluation form.
For the pre-purchase and/or post-purchase touchpoints:
For the email service, you will need to develop TWO (2) enquiries/scenarios that you will use to evaluate the experience through submission of an email. You will need to submit TWO (2) completed evaluation forms.
For the hotline, you will need to develop TWO (2) scenarios that you will use to evaluate the experience. You will need to submit TWO (2) completed call evaluation forms.
For the social media platform, you will need to develop TWO (2) enquiries/scenarios that you will use to evaluate the experience through writing a post to the company with an enquiry. You will need to submit TWO (2) completed evaluation forms.
In your report, write your evaluation and analysis which includes:
A summary of the evaluation criteria and scoring guidelines
Presentation of your touchpoint evaluation findings
Analysis on the gaps between the customer expectations and the actual customer experience
Explanation on the type(s) of value created for the customer.
Customer Journey Mapping
Based on your touchpoint evaluation, create a full customer journey map for the customer profile you have been assigned that documents the current customer experience. The customer journey map should include the 2 assigned touchpoints. Your map should clearly indicate the gaps between the customer expectations and the actual customer experience at the following stages of consumption:
Pre-purchase stage: This pertains to the customer’s journey when finding information about bakery items through various touchpoints such as internet, social media, advertisements, etc.
Purchase stage: This pertains to the customer’s experience when buying the bakery items via Mdm Ling Bakery’s website. Please strictly adhere to the purchase guidelines advised by your tutor.
Post-purchase stage: This includes the delivery of the items and any contact with Mdm Ling Bakery for any post-purchase issues (e.g., wrong or incomplete items, or delay in delivery). Please strictly adhere to the post-purchase guidelines advised by your tutor.
Recommendation and Conclusion
Propose a branded customer experience model for Mdm Ling Bakery.
Propose the top THREE (3) specific and actionable recommendations that can be taken by the company to improve the customer experience during the stages of consumption across the different touchpoints. Explain how each recommendation will be applied with reference to your proposed branded customer experience model. The recommendations should enhance the customer journey that adds value so as to influence customer behaviour and increase customer loyalty.
You may also include areas such as employee management and feedback mechanisms. Base your recommendation on your touchpoint evaluation to support your recommendations.
Propose ONE (1) recommendation on the use of technology to add value, make information easily available, make it easy to reach the organisation, and tailor content to individual users.
You are required to conduct additional research and use Customer Experience Management & Design concepts/theories and best practices to support your analysis and recommendations. You will be graded on your ability to provide in-depth and substance of your analysis and recommendations.
Include the following documents in your Appendix:
Project Management Chart
Online survey form
Tabulation of survey findings
Persona map
Touchpoint evaluation criteria and scoring guidelines
Touchpoint evaluation forms – complete with scoring, remarks, and any tables or charts that tabulate your evaluation
Customer journey map
Any photos or website screen captures to illustrate your evaluation
Bibliography / References — Please refer to this guide on in-text citation and referencing for the research that you have done. You can include photos and screenshots to support your explanations and analysis.
The grading criteria in evaluating your report include your ability to provide in-depth and substance of your discussions and analysis, relate concepts and theories to support your discussions, and quality of writing.
All groups are required to submit as follows:
Online survey form (for persona) and evaluation forms for the touchpoints assigned, including evaluation criteria and scoring guidelines by the date & starting time of your tutorial during the week of 13 December 2021 through SafeAssign;
Tabulation of online survey results (for persona) and tabulation and summary of findings pertaining to the evaluation for the touchpoints assigned by the date & starting time of your tutorial during the week of 10 January 2022 through SafeAssign;
The final complete report by the date & starting time of your tutorial during the week of 24 January 2022 through SafeAssign.
The final written report should be submitted in font type: Arial Point 11. As a guide, your report should be approximately 10-15 pages, excluding cover page and appendices. Graphical charts may be used as needed to illustrate evaluation findings. Please print out the Persona Map and Customer Journey Map in A3 size paper.
Submit the final report with a copy of Appendix A – Project Scoresheet.
Each member in a team has to complete an online confidential peer evaluation form prior to the presentation. (Appendix D)
Submission through SafeAssign in Blackboard and Due Date
The final report is to be submitted through SafeAssign latest by the date & starting time of your tutorial during the week of 24 January 2022. To illustrate further, assuming the tutorial class is on 24 January 2022 from 2pm to 4pm. Any submission through SafeAssign from 24 January 2022 2:01pm will be considered late and subject to penalty.
SafeAssign is a plagiarism prevention tool that allows your instructor to check the originality of an assignment submission. It is the responsibility of the learners to ensure that the matching text highlighted in the originality report by SafeAssign is properly referenced. 
Please read the following guide on how to submit your report through SafeAssign in Blackboard: https://help.blackboard.com/SafeAssign/Student/Submit_SafeAssign
Learners can also view the following video to learn how to submit your report through SafeAssign in Blackboard:

Late submission and penalties
For the report, a penalty of 5% on the base marks to be deducted for each working day of late submission from the respective assessment marks allocated should the report be submitted late. Any late submission after 5 working days will be awarded zero mark.
The online peer evaluation must be submitted individually latest by the date and time of your presentation during the weeks of 24 and 31 January 2022. Links to the online peer evaluation form are indicated in Appendix D. Otherwise, zero marks will be awarded to the student who did not submit by this deadline.
Plagiarism is serious matter. Plagiarism is the act of taking and using the whole or any part of ideas, words or works of other people and passing it off as one’s own work, without acknowledgement of the original source. The act of plagiarism is an offence under NYP Academic Integrity Policy: https://www.nyp.edu.sg/current-students/academic-matters/nyp-academic-integrity.html. Any act of plagiarism may be construed as academic dishonesty. A candidate who, after due disciplinary process, is found to have committed an act that contravenes academic integrity in any assessment of a module would be liable for disciplinary action under NYP Academic Integrity Policy.
It is also important not to share your or your team’s work with other learner(s) or team(s). ALL parties involved in any act of plagiarism (including learner(s) or team(s) who have shared their work with others) would be liable for disciplinary action under NYP Academic Integrity Policy. If any learner had asked you to share your work with him/her, it is important to turn down his/her request and report the incident immediately to your module tutor to safeguard your integrity.
All content from online or other primary sources should be properly referenced (even if you are paraphrasing). Learners can use https://www.scribbr.com/apa-citation-generator/ or other online citation generator to properly state the source of the reference (websites, journal articles, books and reports) in the American Psychological Association (APA) format. The APA format is a writing style and format for academic documents such as scholarly journal articles and books. When in doubt, the rule is to acknowledge the source.
A SafeAssign Originality Report generated provides detailed information about the matches found between a learner’s submitted work and existing sources. Learners can use the report to review their submissions for originality and identify the specific areas of their submitted work where proper referencing are required. Failing to do so may lead to plagiarism being reported in Safe Assign.
When an assignment is submitted using SafeAssign, the SafeAssign Originality Report is normally available within 15-30 minutes. However, a slight delay may occur between the upload and the availability of the Originality Report during periods of high usage. Hence, learners are encouraged to submit their report at least one day before the submission deadline so that they have sufficient time to make any necessary amendment and resubmission before the submission deadline expires.
Useful Resources, Free-rider Problem and Adjustment of Free rider’s Project Score
1. Useful Resources for Project Management
The Checklist to Guide Group Project Development in the appendix will provide your team a guide to work effectively as a team during your project development. Self-awareness & management, leadership, interpersonal & collaboration as well as communication & inclusivity skills are important life skills that team members must possess to do well in the group project. Below are also some useful resources that can help you manage the project well together as a team.
• Self-awareness & management for effective teamwork

• Leadership, interpersonal & collaboration skills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtKC2vnXjPE
• Communication & inclusivity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2PaZ8Nl2T4&t=11s
• Conflict resolution:

2. Interim Reporting of Non-Contributor/ Free Rider
All learners are expected to contribute actively to their group project. Any non-contribution/ free rider must be brought to the attention of the module tutor as soon as possible so that early intervention measures can be implemented. Free-riders who are only highlighted at the end-of-project peer evaluation exercise may not be penalised if they are not highlighted during the interim reporting of non-contributor/ free rider. The e-survey to report any free rider(s) during project development can accessed via the following URL/QR code:
Apart from submitting this online form, please ensure that you inform your tutor immediately to alert about this form you have raised. 
3. Adjustment of Free rider’s Project Score
There are 2 components to peer evaluation: a) Peer evaluation score makes up 10% of the overall score. b) If the average peer evaluation score awarded by other team members is less than 5 points out of 10 and highlighted during the interim reporting of non-contributor/ free rider, a learner will be identified as a free rider and consequently, the average peer evaluation score will determine the penalty to the free-rider’s group component score. Please also provide reasons/ justifications/ examples on team members highlighted as free riders in the peer evaluation form.
Each learner will rate the contribution of other team members using a 10-point scale through a confidential digital peer evaluation form administered by their module tutor. The award of peer evaluation scores for other team members should be based on the quality of each team member’s collaboration practices (self-awareness & management, leadership, interpersonal & collaboration, as well as communication & inclusivity skills). You should also take into account each team member’s attendance and punctuality during project meetings.
Your module tutor will only deduct a free rider’s group component score if his/her average peer evaluation scores awarded by team members is less than 5 points out of 10. (i.e. team members had rated that the free rider had contributed, on average, less than 50% to the group project.) As such, you should award less than 5 points (less than 50%) for a free rider’s peer evaluation score with substantiative reasons/ justifications/ examples so that he/she can clearly be identified as a free rider.
As an illustration, if a learner had obtained an average score of 4.5 points out of 10 (less than 5 points) for his/her peer evaluation, he/she would be identified as a free rider who had only contributed 45% to the group project. This free-rider learner would only be awarded 45% of the group component score. On the other hand, another learner who had obtained an average score of 5 points and above for his/her peer evaluation would not be rated as a free rider. This learner would be awarded 100% of the group component score (no deduction to group component score).
Each group would present the highlights of your Customer Experience Playbook during tutorial class in a 20-minute presentation (15-minute presentation and 5-minute Q&A). Presentation slots will be determined by your tutor and will be conducted during the weeks of 24 and 31 January 2022. All group members must present as the evaluation criteria for the presentation include individual and group components. The dress code for the presentation is formal. Appropriate presentation slides should be prepared by the group for the presentation. Presentation slides must be submitted through Blackboard together with the report.
Group Finalists will be selected and be required to present during the Mdm Ling Bakery competition in the week of 7 February 2022. 5 marks will be deducted from any team member that is unable to present without valid reasons.
This project carries a total of 100 marks and constitutes 45% of the overall grade for the module. The breakdown of marks is as follows:
Written report 75 marks
Presentation 15 marks
Peer evaluation 10 marks
Project management 5 marks
Total 100 marks
Please refer to the following Appendices:
Appendix A – Project Management Chart
Appendix B – Project Scoresheet
Appendix C – Group Report Marking Scheme
Appendix D – Individual Presentation Marking Scheme
Appendix E – Peer Evaluation Form
Appendix F – Checklist to Guide Group Project Development
Appendix A: Project Management Chart (Submit with Project Report)
Tutorial Group: ___________________________
Members: ________________________________________________________________
By These Dates
Key Milestones / Tasks To Complete
Week of 13 Dec 2021
Online survey form (for persona); Evaluation forms for the touchpoints assigned, including evaluation criteria and scoring guidelines
Week of 10 Jan 2022
Tabulation of online survey results (for persona); Tabulation and summary of findings pertaining to the evaluation for the touchpoints assigned
Week of 24 Jan 2022
Complete Report Submission
Name of Student
Responsibilities/ Contributions to project)
*Roles may include Project Leader (coordinate meetings, plan tasks), Secretary (track attendance and take notes for reference), Report coordinator (compiles report), Presentation coordinator (compiles slides) etc.
Date of Scheduled Discussions
Attended By
BM4364 Project Scoresheet
Evaluation Criteria
Name of Learner
Executive Summary (5 marks)
Analysis of Mdm Ling Bakery Brand Values in relation to the customer experience (5 marks)
Persona Profile and Mapping (15 marks)
Touchpoint Evaluation (15 marks)
Customer Journey Mapping (5 marks)
Recommendations and Conclusion (15 marks)
Report Format (5 marks)
Project Management (5 marks)
Quality of presentation slides and teamwork (5 marks)
Group component total (Sum of the above components) 1 [75 marks]
Adjustment factor by Module Tutor based on work done by learner. (Average peer evaluation mark/ peer evaluation component score). [in %] 2
Adjusted group component score [75 marks] 3
(1 multiply by 2)
Verbal technique (5 marks)
Non-verbal Technique (5 marks)
Ability to handle Q&A (5 marks)
Peer Evaluation Score (10 marks)
Final score [100 marks]
BM4364 Group Report Marking Scheme
Project Details
Marks Allocation

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