Preparation Questions for my Exam

Question 1 A.Read the article at this URL: story/ its-time-to-think-beyond-cloud-computing/ ANSWER: ANSWER: Your summaries should be directed at an audience that has a basic understanding of the cloud. You must write in your own words. Please give a word count at the end of each part, and then include a reference for the original article. Question 2 It assesses your ability to follow the problem-solving approach and go from an informal problem description to an implementation that solves the problem. A toy store has a list with the daily sales of a particular toy, i.e. what quantity of that toy was sold each day. The manager wants to know if the sales are evenly spread or fluctuate wildly. More precisely, they want a program that prints the range of the sales, i.e. the difference between the highest and lowest daily sale. For example, if the list is [4, 2, 10, 7] then the range is 10 – 2 = 8. a.What are the inputs and outputs of this problem and their types? What are the inputs’ admissible values? b.Write two tests for this problem. Do not use the above example as a test. Present the tests in a table, with a column for each input and output, and an extra column with a brief explanation of why you selected each test, as done for example in Block 2 Part 2 Activity 2.10 example: c.Decompose the problem into sub-problems. Use the > – notation and state in parenthesis the type of the problem and of each sub-problem, as done for example in Block 2 Part 2 Activity 2.44. d.This part of the question involves writing Python code. Choose the patterns for the subproblem types you identified, instantiate the patterns into an algorithm, and translate the algorithm into code. Make sure you use appropriate variable names and comments and that you have tested your code with the inputs of your test table. In answer to this part of the question, all you need to submit is the .py file with your code (following the instructions provided above). ANSWER: (EXAMPLE) Problem 2.10 Hot days Given a list of daily temperatures in degrees Celsius in a certain place, construct a list of the temperatures above 30. Assume temperatures are given as whole numbers. The pattern for the general problem is as follows. ANSWER:
ANSWER: ANSWER: Question 3 Read the following scenario: Ahmed’s phone started to vibrate. He pulled it out of his pocket and saw it was his girlfriend and swiped the “answer call” icon. “Hello,” he said, “How are you?” “Fine,” she said, “But New York is cold. Have you checked your email, I have sent you a video?” I don’t have any data allowance left but I will download it when I have an internet connection,” he said. “Talk later.” He jabbed the end call icon. Later that day at home, he downloaded the video and plugged in his headphones. The video showed a skyscraper and the sound of bustling crowds. Ahmed rotated his phone so he could watch it in portrait mode. a.Ahmed has used several sensors in his mobile phone in this scenario. Name them and identify the points in the scenario at which they were used to detect something in the environment. [Note: You may find Table 3.1 in the discussion of Activity 3.4to be a useful reminder of the different sensors in a mobile phone.] Table 3.1 EXAMPLE ANSWER:
Question 4 a.This part of the question involves creating two drawings. You can make your drawings whichever way is easiest or fastest for you. For instance, you could simply make your drawings using pencil and paper then scan or photograph them.strings_list = [‘a’, ‘b’] strings_list[0] = ‘e’
b.Part iii of this question involves writing Python code. Python Files Attached on the ZIP . Write your code in this copied file, making sure that you add your answer in the place indicated in the file. Include the resulting file.volume = radius * radius * 3.14159 * length the unit used for floor width, length and height, and the cylinder length and radius is the same. you can only order lorries that have a cylinder completely filled with concrete. You cannot order a lorry with a cylinder that’s only half full. To solve this problem, you will need to round up a number. You can use the function float_rounded_up(), which is included in the Python file that is supplied with this question. i.Include your initial decomposition of the problem in your solution document. ii.Include the algorithm for solving the problem in your solution document. iii.Provide the code for a Python function that implements the algorithm. (Follow the instructions above for submitting code.)
Consider the following two assignments. Draw the objects and labels that the Python interpreter creates in response to the first assignment. Also draw the objects and labels that results from the second assignment. Include your drawings in the solution document. DRAW EXAMPLES ANSWER: Suppose you are installing a large concrete floor for a new building. The floor has a specific width, length and height. You need to order several lorries with concrete for this floor. Each lorry can carry a specific amount of concrete. The part of the lorry that holds the concrete is cylinder-shaped. The cylinder’s volume is given by the following formula: All the lorries of your supplier carry cylinders with the same radius and length. The problem is to write a program that calculates how many lorries you need to order, given the size of the floor (based on its width, length and height) and the capacity of the lorries (based on the radius and length of cylinder). Assume that: ANSWER: ANSWER: ANSWER: Question 5 Parts (a)(i) and (b)(i) require you to calculate values using Python functions. There are two approaches you can use. add suitable code to the provided file, then run it run the provided file first, to load the required function and data into memory, then do the calculation in the interactive Python shell. Feel free to choose the approach you prefer. a.Figure 1 charts data about the highest points, i.e. the points with the highest altitudes above sea level, in each of 56 European countries (Wikipedia, 2017) imports the Python function median you used in Section 5.2.5 of Block 2 Part 5 to calculate the median of a list of numbers. ii.For this list of data the mean is 2185, which is smaller than the median. From looking at Figure 1 briefly suggest a possible reason.
b.The ZIP folder contains a second file Open this and inspect its contents. The lists cars and news contain yearly data about the number of cars on the road in the UK and the circulation of the Guardian newspaper respectively, over the years 2006-2016. Figure 2 shows a scatterplot of the two imports the function corr_coef to calculate the correlation coefficient between two lists. Use this function to calculate the correlation coefficient. ii.Classify the size of the effect, following Table 5.4 iii.Briefly (in about 50 words) discuss whether any effect you have found is likely to be causal.
Figure 1 Numbers of countries whose highest points fall in a particular range Long description The ZIP Folder contains Open this and inspect its contents. The Python list heights holds the 56 individual values from which the frequencies above were calculated. Use this function to find the median of the list heights. In your Solution document give the median, correct to the nearest whole number. Also copy and paste the Python code you used and briefly (in one or two sentences) explain how you ran it. ANSWER: ANSWER: Figure 2 Cars on road vs Guardian circulation 2006-2007 (Statista, 2017a, 2017b) Long description ANSWER: TABLE 5.4 ANSWER:
ANSWER: Question 6 a.Imagine that you have been asked to propose a strategy for tracking competitors in an orienteering race across Dartmoor. What location determining approach would be most appropriate? b.Briefly describe how location is determined using this approach. c.The correct approach in answer to part a of this question would not work in a taster event in a shopping centre held indoors. Why not? What alternative approach to determining location might you suggest in that case? (You do not need to describe how location is determined in this case.) Hint: You may want to look ahead at part c of this question. Part c provides further information about the location determining approach expected in answer to the current part (i.e. Part a). ANSWER: ANSWER: ANSWER:
Question 7 a.In the summer of 2015, the organizing body for the American Democratic Party, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), was targeted by hackers believed to be working for the Russian government. The attack began when certain DNC employees were targeted by emails containing links to malicious software. At least one of these email messages was opened and the malware activated. This malware then spread on Committee’s internal network where it remained undetected for many months.i.What name is given to this type of campaign of soliciting information from particular individuals? ii.What term is given to a hack where an attacker uses a series of attacks to gain access to a system and remains undetected for a long time? iii.Explain which, if any, of the CIA principles were threatened in the attack. For each of the CIA principles explain why it was or was not threatened.
b.How might email users protect themselves against such attacks by criminals and state actors? Use an internet search to provide two or three simple guidelines suitable for a relative novice email user. Your answer should be no more than 300 words and you must provide your sources as references (using the OU Harvard style) at the end of your answer. The references do not count towards the word limit. Your use of English, spelling and grammar will all be marked as well as technical content of your answer. During this time, it stole data from the DNC, including highly-confidential political campaign information, which was then distributed to media outlets hostile to the Democratic Party. It is thought that this attack may have contributed to the Democrats losing the general election in November 2016. ANSWER: ANSWER: ANSWER:

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